Create and Uses of Laravel Macro with Example

Today i am going to discuss about the laravel macro

Macro is the powerful feature of the laravel framework. Macros allow you to add custom functionality to internal Laravel components. This laravel macro also work with laravel 5.8 , 5.7 and 5.6 .

Let’s see Laravel Macro

Example 1

Let’s say you are working with the api and want the below response on success

	"success": true,
	"msg": "Your message",
	"data": Array()

To achieve the above response. Open the AppServiceProvider.php file and put the below code

Request::macro(‘success’, function ($msg, $data) {
    	"success" => true,
    	"msg" => $msg,
    	"data" => $data

And then use the above defined method

Request::success('Your message', Array());

Example 2

Let’s see another example. Suppose you want to create a new method which we will use at the time of fail

Open the AppServiceProvider.php file and put the below code

Request::macro(‘fail’, function ($msg, $data) {
    	"success" => false,
    	"msg" => $msg,

And then use

Request::fail('Your message');

Will return

	"success": false,
	"msg": "Your message"

You can create another macro according to your requirement using laravel macro

Which components are “Macroable”?

Macros can be defined on any class with the Macroable trait. Below is a list of Macroable facades & classes:


  • Cache
  • File
  • Lang
  • Request
  • Response
  • Route
  • URL

Illuminate Classes

  • Illuminate\Routing\UrlGenerator
  • Illuminate\Cache\Repository
  • Illuminate\Validation\Rule
  • Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\Event
  • Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder
  • Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relation
  • Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder
  • Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem
  • Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\TestResponse
  • Illuminate\Http\RedirectResponse
  • Illuminate\Http\Request
  • Illuminate\Http\UploadedFile
  • Illuminate\Routing\ResponseFactory
  • Illuminate\Routing\Router
  • Illuminate\Support\Str
  • Illuminate\Support\Arr
  • Illuminate\Translation\Translator
  • Illuminate\Support\Collection

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